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Manga H : Hero o Imbecile ?

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Manga Comics Android : H - is H an hero or an Imbecile ? Read Manga


Manga : Unhappy School Lesson 0

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Prof RA lead the most unhappy class in the world... Read Manga


Manga : Unhappy School Lesson 1

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Follow Unhappy School Day by Day. Preview


Morticella is an Italian web artist and she has some great free manga comics which are available to read on the internet. You can follow the characters of Unhappy School as Professor Ra tries to teach and lead the most unhappy class in the world.Find out if H is a hero or imbecile with Morticella's manga comics series "H: is H a hero or an imbecile?"And if that isn't enough manga for one day, you can also Follow Power Pirates SD by Squidojo. Great comics, easy to read, and all free - what more could you possibly want?If you like them and have enjoyed them, please share them on Facebook, Twitter or via your emails and other websites so that all your friends can read and enjoy them too!


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